Bush Inn – Solid oak & concrete block and beam floor Blog

Welcome to the Bush Inn flooring blog, in this blog you’ll find lots of useful information relating to different flooring types¬†from solid oak flooring, To its block and beam floor counterpart. We will be taking a look at the flooring industry in general, and looking at the latest trends that are going on in the sector.

Bush Inn – A look at a solid oak flooring

Solid oak flooring has been around for years, way back in history we can see that some of the earliest floors were made from Materials like oak and large, the reason for this is is that solid oak floors are built to last, which is perfect for bed and breakfasts and places like the Bush Inn. It is the characteristics of the woods that are used themselves that make this method of flooring so we liable, people who use this method of flooring can rest assured that it is a tried and proven method.

The benefits of solid oak flooring over other types of wood

The reason that solid oak works so well when used four floors is due largely to the fact that broke as it would is extremely strong and durable. That’s not to detract from other words used in this way, Cherry wood and Larch both have their strengths many of which are the beautiful aesthetic qualities that they offer, however the most common type of flooring remains oak. It should be noted however that this type of flooring that may not necessarily be the cheapest, and it can be costly if mistakes are made during its construction.

Characteristics of solid oak

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Can be expensive

As a carpenter for many years myself, I have worked with solid oak flooring on a regular basis, because of this experience I know both the pros and cons. It is very important for a client that the wood is obtained from the right source, by this I mean that prices can vary widely for oak, so it is always best to be diligent when looking around.


Below is an example of a solid oak floor that I worked on many years ago, I was able to achieve a beautiful effect that left the clients happy:

A Quick look at a block and beam floor and concrete fence panels

One of my favourite flooring types to work with are beam and block floors, the reasons for which I will discuss below. This isn’t like the solid oak flooring that I have previously discussed, this technique of flooring relies upon using concrete panels alongside concrete beams, in order to achieve a Block and beam floor.

This type of flooring is typically used as a support structure for a building and is often used in conjunction with concrete fence panels, this is typically what you would use to establish a strong foundations in order to build a House or other building upon. This technique is becoming more and more common in the construction industry, most of building firms and bricklayers will be able to use this style of flooring partly because it is a very simple but effective technique to use. A block and beam floor comprises it is of pre-stressed concrete panels as well as prestressed concrete beams, these two things work together in order to make a very strong support system.

Why block and beam flooring and concrete fence panels are so great

This technique is also commonly known as beam and block, Bill this is exactly the same technique just under a different pseudonym. The beauty of this flowing technique is that it can allow a building to be instructed much more quickly than using something like pouring concrete, this is because foundations are instructed elsewhere before being brought on to the building site. When working with this material in the past, it has not been uncommon to have the foundations of the building finished within a week which often makes the construction company that I have worked with very happy indeed.

Unfortunately for the DIY people out there, you cannot achieve this foundation support system alone, you need to seek out reputable manufacturers of these concrete beams because they are a specialist material.